WNX 2018 is ON!

With Cyclocross season, and all the races upon us, we will be creating courses to have the most fun you can have on a week night to help you prepare for an awesome CX season.

** Schedule Update **

  • 5 week series  (Best 4 of 5 races for overall series, must do 3 to qualify for overall)
  • September 19th- October 17th* (every Wednesday night)
  • *Flood Date Oct 24th-hopefully not needed
  • Rain, snow, or shine!
  • Race costs -$25 Race all you can race. (Or series pass for $100 for all 5 weeks)
  • $5 series plate replacement fee. Don’t forget it!
  • Reduced and FREE. Age 13-18 only $15, Junior 12 &under FREE.
  • NO 1 Day Fees, No extra race fees.
  • First Time Racer? You have your own start. Have fun, be safe, learn lots
  • Race all you can race details:
    • Race all you can race covers 2 or more races  – Race the  1 MTB  & 1 or 2 cyclocross. *IF you open cat 3 or higher only can do 2.
    • *Note that riders can always race up into harder races, but not down – once you are lapped please exit the course safely
    • Racers will only be scored in one MTB Short Track category and 1 CX category.  The category(s) must remain the same for the series.
    • Rain, sun, or snow, WNX is a go!
  • *CASH OR CHECK ONLY. (no on-line registration)
6PM –       MTB (beginner men and women) 15min.
6:20PM- MTB (intermediate & expert) 20min.
6:45PM- KIDS CROSS (12& under) 10min.
7PM-        Women Open. (3/4 scored separate) 30min +/-
7:01PM  Junior 17& under 30min. +/-
7:02PM  First time racer (if you a new to CX) 30min +/-
7:35PM  Beginner CX (Cat 4 )30min +/-
7:36PM  Beginner CX( Cat 5) 30min +/-
8:10PM  Intermediate & Expert CX (Cat 1-3) (cat 3 scored separate) 40min +/-

Map to race site:

20141126_1848482014111295201817 photo(1)

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