2 thoughts on “LEVEE CROSS CHALLENGE – 10/11/14”

  1. I am new to CX and am thinking of trying the MTB Open and/or the Beginner and/or the Intermediate races that yall are putting on this Saturday. Can I ride my MTB in the Beginner and Intermediate races?

    For the MTB Open, I see you have listed “no dismounts” and “course extra’s”. Does the “no dismounts” mean that there will be no forced dismounts or does it mean that if I dismount for some reason then I’m DQ’ed?

    What does “course extras” mean?

    Looking forward to trying one of your races soon if not Saturday.


    Matthew Findley

    1. Yes, you can ride the MTB.

      No forced dismounts

      Course extras – switchback climbs, tighter turns, maybe some log hops,= – stuff like that

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